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March 20th, 2013

Stop Horsing Around with my Food

Halló there!  You may be wondering what the heck is going on with the food industry these days. Horse meat in my food!?  Nothing upsets me more than the fallout from greed—this most recent example of food production shortcuts turns my stomach. 

The relationship between food producers and their customers, besides financial, is one of trust. What happens when we can’t trust a food label? What happens when we can no longer trust the intentions of the folks who package and sell us food?  This has nothing to do with the question, Would you eat a horse? That’s beside the point.  (And as an Icelander whose ancestors ate everything from rotted shark meat to cod dried in the wind for several weeks, well—to each their own tradition.)

What went wrong? Why would a food producer allow horse meat into a  product posing as “beef”?  The answer is:  $. Or, rather: $$$$. The answer lies in the intentions of food producers.  The answer lies in how food companies react to the demands of growth and competition. That time, quality, and cost are inextricably linked has never been more evident (certain laws of the nature of business are immutable, and this is one).  When one or more aspects of the equation are stretched, the balance between time-quality-cost is—poof!—gone.  Therefore, cheap, fast food is low quality food. Unfortunately, today “low-quality” actually makes us sick. High-quality food is slower and costs more. The fact is, no amount of colorful packaging and expensive marketing can turn fast, cheap food into quality food.  

We do not cut corners with our yogurt. We love corners. We are passionate (read obsessively choosy) about the food inside our cups of yogurt. My four year old son is growing up on the stuff.  The ingredients are:  organic, grassfed milk, organic fruit, and organic cane sugar. Our vanilla yogurt has organic vanilla extract instead of organic fruit. Our blueberry and strawberry yogurts have a touch of organic tapioca starch.

Yep, that’s it.

Changing how the world eats is important to me.  I may not take myself very seriously, but I sure take food quality seriously. I believe organic food is healthier.  In choosing the company name, Smári Organics, our purpose was to reflect a commitment to quality, to never cutting corners:  my name is on the company and so is the pledge of organic ingredients. Personally, I would rather pay a bit more for good food. Real food. Slow food. Why not invest in myself and spend money on real food today, not doctor’s bills tomorrow? 




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