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April 16th, 2013

Obsession or Just Everyday Yogurt Packaging Design?

Iceland/Northern Lights

Halló there!  Might you be wondering why our Pure yogurt comes in a green container?  (Actually, I’d love to hear your theories!)  

Were you expecting a plain foil lid, greater white space on the label, or perhaps a blue hue to represent the yogurt’s strength and pureness?  You may be wondering what the heck green represents; after all, blue is for blueberry and red for strawberry…and, there is no known greenberry fruit nor greenberry bush (sorry folks, no elusive greenberries growing in the volcanic soils of Iceland).  

Grassfed cows—that’s the answer.  Our pure yogurt has only milk in it, which comes from grassfed cows.  The green on our ‘pure’ yogurt represents fresh, green grass.  Neat, huh?  (If you haven’t already, you can get to know our cows through their profiles here.)

You’re probably wondering, if that much consideration (er, obsession) went into the packaging of our pure yogurt, what other behind-the-scenes riddles can I tell you?  Well, I have three more for you! 

The first has to do with the fact that each mountainscape on our yogurt label is slightly different. I’d like to think that over time, a customer would one day observe that nearly subliminal detail and be very impressed with herself or himself.  It is the Hellisheiði mountain pass in particular, east of Reykjavík, that our mountains take after.  You can see a couple of Icelanders and four hounds hiking Hellisheiði here. (Hard not to wish I was one of those dogs!)       

The second riddle has to do with those colorful stripes.  There is intention in the stripes on our containers.  Touching down on the mountains, those stripes represent something near and dear to my heart, and very familiar to all Icelanders (as well as other people living in the northern hemisphere).  Did you guess it?  Northern lights!  The angle of the stripes evoke movement—absolutely intentional. Because if you’ve ever witnessed the northern lights, you know how they swirl and move, as if they’re dancing.

It’s important to us that the process is an art.  I believe that the care we take in the details and our intention has meaning, and that it comes through to the folks eating our yogurt. That said, it won’t surprise you that we obsessed about what shade of red to use for the packaging of the strawberry yogurt.  We chose a red called Cherokee red for the stripes and the lid.  When we discovered that Cherokee red was a favorite hue of Frank Lloyd Wright, his signature color, and one of the two colors used at Falling Water—well, we were sold.  You can read about Frank Lloyd Wright here.

Color, mountains, and light—just one or two (or a dozen) of the tiny details we chewed on throughout the yogurt making process. 



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