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May 13th, 2013

How to Recycle our Packaging

We’re an organic yogurt company.  Would it surprise you to learn that we care deeply about much more than putting healthy, real food into our bodies (and yours)?  We care a lot about how to take excellent care of our environment, too.  That’s why we made sure that our packaging–cups and sleeves–can be recycled.

So that nothing stands between you and your recycling efforts, I wanted to provide the following how-to. 

Depending on the recycling rules and categories in your region, you may be able to recycle the paper sleeve and the plastic cup, both, at home.  In some regions, you’ll be able to recycle the paper sleeve at home and the cup by mail or a nearby location. Here’s information about how to recycle yogurt cups at Whole Foods.


Recycle the Paper Sleeve – 3 Quick Steps

Step #1:   Pull the Pull Tab

The pull tab is located between the bar code and nutrition label, on which you’ll see the words PEEL HERE TO RECYCLE printed.  (I promise this step is as satisfying as stomping on bubble wrap.)

Step #2:   Remove Paper Sleeve

The paper sleeve will fall easily away from the plastic yogurt cup, and you need only grasp it in your hand as this process occurs.  (Psst!  Did I mention the secrets printed on the inside of the sleeve?   Indeed!  You may want to read the sleeve on your walk across the kitchen, over to your recycling bin, as not a few fascinating facts are disclosed there.) 

Step #3:   Drop Sleeve into Recycling Bin

Locate your recycling receptacle, and release the paper sleeve into it. 

Whoo!  You’re done.  Easy, right?


Recycle the Plastic Cup – 3 Quick Steps

Step #1:  Remove Paper Sleeve

Pull the PEEL HERE pull-tab and release sleeve.

Step #2:  Rinse cup

Unless you use your index finger to “spoon” the last remaining traces of our yogurt into your mouth (and we’re not judging you if you do) and in which case you may be able to skip this step, please rinse the cup. 

Step #3:   Drop Cup into Recycling Bin

Locate a recycling receptacle, and release the rinsed cup into it.  You’re done! 

Less is sometimes more. 

This is true in the case of our cups:  we chose a plastic for our cups (polypropylene) that contains the least amount of plastic possible.   

If your region doesn’t support the recycling of #5 plastics at home, you can bring the cups to your local Whole Foods and put them in one of their Preserve: Gimme-5 recycling bins.  What’s Gimme-5? It’s a program that makes it easier for all of us to recycle #5 plastics, which is used for yogurt containers, hummus, syrup, and other products such as medicine bottles. Making use of the Gimme-5 program ensures that all varieties of plastics will be reused rather than dumped into landfill.  Products like toothbrushes and hairbrush handles are made from recycled #5 plastics. You can read more about the Gimme-5 program here  

It sure feels good to take care of our planet, doesn’t it?





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