May 28th, 2013

Tasting Table: Knockout Contender!

"Ding, Ding: Another contender has entered the yogurt ring," writes daily food culture magazine, Tasting Table. Tough fights call for strong yogurts. And Tasting Table says we're standing mighty tall! They say we're the thickest they've had and tart, too, just like they prefer. The editors' taste buds responded especially well to our smooth and "slightly sweet" strawberry flavor as well as our vanilla, which they claim could double as a dessert. You can read the Tasting Table review, here.

They like their readers and eaters adventurous. Their aim is authentic, trustworthy, and actionable advice that guides readers' food experiences and experimentation, whether it's scouting for the best $2 tacos in the land or determining what tasting menu to actually lay down ...[MORE]

May 9th, 2013

PureWow, Pure Praise!

PureWow, the online women's trend and lifestyle magazine, is spreading the word, and it's an Icelandic one: "thykk." Their readers may not have guessed yogurt would become as trendy as smartphones and Zumba workouts, but PureWow editors have made it clear for readers that Iceland is hot! About our yogurt they write, "We love the just-launched brand Smári for its simple flavors such as strawberry and vanilla that pair well with sweeter toppings like blueberries and honey." They top that praise by adding that our yogurt is "crazy-high in protein."

You can read PureWow's review of Smári here.

March 20th, 2013


Cooking Light online just published "The Ultimate Guide to Yogurt," a field guide to the vast array of yogurt aisle options. They do, however, name three favorites — including Smári Organic Icelandic Yogurt. "Try the blueberry," says Editor Scott Mowbray. To the Editors: we agree!

March 19th, 2013

Held in High Esteem by The Fox is Black

LA-based art and design blog The Fox is Black published a review of our yogurt, our cows, and admired our business style in particular. Staff member Andi Teran wrote, "What’s so charming about Smári is that it’s putting its business model out there in a personable way. Not only do they fully describe the ingredients and process of their “skyr” yogurt (four cups of whole milk skimmed, heated, cultured and strained—that’s it), they let you get to know the cows that are sacrificing their milk to reward your breakfast palate." Considering how fanatical designers get when it comes to getting something...just...right, to the point of working through dozens of iterations of a design if necessary (and it's usually necessary) to achieve the particular design envisioned, well, their acknowledgment of our business style is deeply appreciated. 

You can read the review [MORE]