August 8th, 2014

Behind the Scenes at Our Latest Photo Shoot

photo 1

When Chef Carri sends us her latest recipes featuring Smári yogurt, we can hardly wait to get them in the hands of our testers and schedule the next photo shoot!   Our latest shoot happened[...]


August 1st, 2014

Peaches and Cream Popsicle


I never had a fresh peach until I moved to the States; they’re not common in Iceland. Now I can’t get enough, and these fresh peach pops are one of my favorite ways to eat[...]


July 18th, 2014

Savory Breakfast Porridge

Smari Savory Breakfast Porridge Inst

At my house we call this Super Porridge, probably because of the 2 super foods – kale and quinoa, but perhaps it’s because it’s super delicious.  - Smári              [...]


July 16th, 2014

The Best Songs of Summer


It’s the middle of July and even in Iceland, summer’s officially in full force. Whether we’re spending our days at the beach or at the office, we at Smári Organics all are doing one thing[...]



Food and Wine is Obsessed with Us!

Now if this isn’t an honor, we don’t know what is. In the current October issue, Food and Wine Magazine declared Icelandic Yogurt, specifically Smári’s, to be one of their “10 Objects of Obsession." You can read more about their obsession with us here.

We’re Featured in Clean Eating!

This summer, Clean Eating Magazine deemed our Pure flavor a "Foodie Fave." And when someone says we're the new Greek yogurt, we never disagree.  Read more here...

Smári Dishes Icelandic Hot-Spots on Fathom Away

This week Smári shared his favorite spots in Iceland with travel site Fathom Away, so if you’re planning a trip there, check out the article for must-sees from a local. Have no travel plans in your future? Head on over for your daily dose of wanderlust. Sure you’ve seen the Blue Lagoon, but Smári’s photography shows the Iceland that you only see on Game of Thrones.


We’re Now Available at Costco!

This news couldn’t be bigger—literally. 

Costco is now carrying our vanilla yogurt in 16 different locations throughout California. And to make sure that we fit right in, we’re unleashing epically portioned 32 oz. containers for their shelves. That’s one whole quart of thick, delicious yogurt. Think you’re strong enough to stop yourself from eating the whole thing in one sitting? Now you don’t have to be!


The lucky Costco clubs carrying Smári are:


We Hit Gold with SHAPE

We're excited to share that SHAPE magazine highlighted our yogurt in their February issue! We'll admit that it's especially satisfying to receive praise during the same month as the Olympics. SHAPE's editors noticed that our yogurt has the highest protein count around, writing, "Move over, Greek yogurt: There's a new kid in town." They point out that Icelandic yogurt "has even more protein per ounce than the Greek varieties." Thanks...[MORE]

Our 24 oz Containers are Here!


Northern Californians, we've got big containers and we're starting our rollout in your backyard: you can now buy our yogurt in big, strong sizes in stores in NorCal. At 24 ounces and oh-so-thick, well, these new containers of yogurt would surely please any Viking! The first two flavors available in the new hearty size are Pure and vanilla. Journey to your local market to discover our new, strong containers. And why not use our handy [MORE]