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June 11th, 2014

A Father’s Day Interview with Smári

Hey everyone! My name is Sydney and I’m the new blogger over here at Smári Organics. I think Alex Trebek is infallible and I can’t stand the taste of cucumber. But this blogg-post sadly isn’t about me. It’s about me getting to know Smári. 

Not the company. Smári Ásmundsson. 

This weekend is Father’s Day. As a female in my twenties, I don’t have too much experience with being a father (shockingly). But since Smári does, I thought interviewing him on the subject would be the perfect way for everyone (myself included) to get to know our fearless leader a little more personally.  


Sydney: I read that in Iceland, Father’s Day wasn’t a holiday until a few years ago, but Mother’s Day has been a holiday for forever. 


Smári: I don’t know if Father’s Day exists in Iceland. It didn’t when I was growing up. But we had Farmer’s Day, Bóndadagur. That translates to both “husband” and “farmer”. So there’s this Husband-Slash-Farmer’s Day, which is sort of like a male version of Mother’s Day. It’s really for the “head of the household”. I use the phrase in the old-fashioned sense, so it’s usually more for the father. I hadn’t heard of there being a Father’s Day though.


Sydney: So what are you doing for Father’s Day?


Smári: My son and I are going to Monterey—we’ve done it for the past three years. We drive down and spend the weekend there. The main reason we go to Monterey is for the aquarium. We’ll go several times over the weekend. There’s also this fantastic organic farm with an orchard that we always stop at along the way—they have amazing fruit. It’s really just about the two of us taking a road trip and spending time together.  


Sydney: What’s the story behind choosing to make skyr for your son?


Smári: Skyr was the food I missed the most from Iceland. It was literally my first fast food; growing up and as a teenager, it was what I’d eat for lunch. So I started making it and I’d use organic ingredients. It was tastier and healthier than anything I could get in stores… so the next logical step was to feed it to my son.


I’m also a huge fan of dairy—especially yogurt. I think everyone should eat a cup of it a day. I know with my son, he eats a lot of it and he’s never ever sick. So I think the cultures are very good for you. Skyr’s a healthy food.


Sydney: It sounds like you’ve been doing this a while. How long have you been making skyr?


Smári: I’ve been making it for over a decade now, but it was absolutely horrible in the beginning. It took me a long time to figure out how to make it. 


Sydney: Is it common for people to make it from scratch?


Smári: No. It’s really hard for people to figure out how to make it. It’s a very simple food but it’s hard to make it well. 


Sydney: Okay. So as I see it, you really have two jobs: you’re the father of a young kid and the CEO of a young startup. Do you learn anything from one that helps you with the other?


Smári: Yeah, sure. Both are dealing with people and learning how to do it more effectively. I think there are always lessons to learn when you’re dealing with people. 


Sydney: Which is the tougher job?


Smári: You know… it’s hard to say. They’re very, very different.


Sydney: I’d ask which is more rewarding, but I already know that answer.


Smári: Yeah, being a dad is definitely the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done..


Sydney: Do you ever feel like you’re turning into your father? 


Smári: Yeah. (Laughs) Sadly yes. 


Sydney: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?


Smári: It’s probably a good thing. I mean, you are your family and you realize that even though you thought your parents had no idea what they were doing, they actually did. I think you learn a lot about your parents from becoming a parent. And you learn a lot about yourself.


Sydney: And finally, do you have any funny parenting moments you can share?


Smári: (Laughs) Yes. Last week we were grocery shopping and we stopped by a free sample stand. Before he touched anything, I explained to my son that he shouldn’t use his hands; he should use the tongs provided to pick up the food. So that’s exactly what he did: he picked up a piece of food with the tongs. And then he popped the tongs directly into his mouth.  


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